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Email for Business

Success comes with branding. Branding your business is the first step to making it known and stand out to customers. If you starting up fresh then the you can’t leave on the Paramount. Cover all these crucial steps by getting your own domain registered now and set it up for all your business transactions online.

    To add up the credibility to it you must have a custom business email address. So that your customers can reach out in no time without any hassle and you being able to easily customize and answer to their mails in a go. Never run out of Storage. Get connected from any part of the world because you and your service matters to the customers.
    The goal is simple- let your business be known to anyone and everyone who either hit ‘subscribe’ or scrolls through your website’s Contact Us page. Not only does a custom email address makes you look professional, but it also helps establish your business.
    To add up, let’s take an example. Imagine your customer care has the following email address, [email protected] Would a customer make a purchase? If I were you, I wouldn’t because I don’t know if it is credible as it doesn’t have the name of the business. Credibility, in this case, is important, and a custom email address adds to it.
    Still got doubts on the Custom Email? Here are the pro’s of having one.
1. Creates a Professional Appeal

    The foremost advantage of having a custom email address is that it adds to the professional appeal of your business. As a brand, you will constantly be emailing your customers or clients. If your email communication is using a free email account viz. @gmail/@yahoo.com etc. as opposed to a custom email address, it can downgrade your brand image. A custom email address thus becomes important as it not only aids in improving your marketing efforts but also, helps in establishing you as a brand.

2. Adds Credibility

    Trust is important, in fact, it is hard to gain trust. Customers trusting your business adds to the credibility of your business. But how? Take, for instance, you have a generic email address [email protected] which you use to send emails to your customers. However, there are chances your customer thinks it is a spam email because it doesn’t display your identity. Moreover, being generic someone else could send them an email using a similar looking email address like [email protected] and they could fall prey to a scam and you risk losing your customer. On the other hand, [email protected] helps establish trust and eventually increases your credibility.

3. Flexibility and control

    Say you are a growing business with multiple members per team. Having a dedicated email address for each vertical offers greater flexibility and control. How so? Depending on the products you offer your email address might differ. However, support, marketing and sales are some of the common email address prefixes every business has. As a customer, it is better that I know where the email is coming from. For example, you can’t send your customer marketing mailers from [email protected] you will need a [email protected] This helps in building credibility as discussed in the previous point, as well as, offers you flexibility when sending out an email. Apart from this, if a team member leaves the company you need not worry about sensitive/ confidential data being misused as they would not be using their personal email address but a custom one.
    This comes into picture if they have been exchanging crucial emails with potential clients. If they’re using a personal email address ([email protected]) and they leave does it also mean all your emails and sensitive information is gone too? A custom email address helps avoid this issue and the new employee can take control of the account when they join. In short, the control of the email address (say [email protected]) can easily be passed on to the new team member. All that needs to be changed would be the sender’s name!