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Cloud Hosting Vs Dedicated Server.

    Getting started into Digital Market? Have you covered your basics? If not we have you covered here in our blog. Choose as per your preference and enlighten yourself with the knowledge you need to kick off fresh. Once you’ve decided you want to build a website, choosing a hosting plan is the next essence that hits your mind. For starter you might be building your website from scratch or you may want to re-modify a flourishing one. Needless to say, just because you’ve chosen a particular hosting for your website doesn’t mean you need to stick to it forever. There might be times, you will have to either change your hosting plan or the type of hosting entirely. This decision depends on the type of website you run and the amount of traffic your website receives.
    For now we will be comparing two types of hosting viz. Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server. In this article, you get an insight on What’s Cloud Hosting? What’s Dedicated Server? What’s are the differences and which one should you opt for?
    Let’s start with covering the basics and understanding about both these types of hosting options:

    What is Cloud Hosting?
    Cloud Hosting is a hosting option that connects several physical servers to each other via a common network, eventually forming one large network. In Cloud Hosting, your server resources like RAM, CPU, and disk space are distributed between the servers. One prime benefit of Cloud Hosting is that it is easily scalable i.e you can add more CPU and RAM space to your server easily.
    Cloud Hosting is ideal for growing and large businesses that are looking for scalability, performance, speed and security.

    What is Dedicated Server?
    Dedicated Server is a type of hosting where your website is hosted on an entire physical server. Here your server resources like CPU, RAM and disk space, are not divided with any other website. Along with this, with Dedicated Server, you get full root access of your server granting you total autonomy and administrative control of your server.
    With Dedicated Server you can easily scale your website resources as and when you need them. This hosting option is ideal for large businesses with ever-increasing website traffic to ensure ultimate performance, instant server provisioning and speed.

    Comparison Between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server
    1. Customization and Control
    The prime feature that sets apart Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server is the customization and control it offers to the websites hosted.
    In Cloud Hosting, your server resources are shared with the websites sharing your server space. Although this doesn’t hamper your website performance as you can easily scale your resources on the go, what it does imply is that you don’t have complete control of your server and resources.
    In Dedicated Server, you get complete administrative control of your server. Moreover, you get the entire server to yourself, so you can easily customize your server based on your website needs. Here you can install any additional software if needed or modify server resources as and when required.
    2. Sharing of Resources
    In Cloud Hosting, you get access to a section of the server space where the resources are shared with various other customers.
    In Dedicated Server, all your resources are commissioned for your business alone without the need of you sharing them with other customers.
    3. Cost Affordability
    Although both Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers are priced on the high end of the payment spectrum owing to their prime features, there is still a difference.
    Cloud Hosting is priced slightly cheaper because essentially you don’t use the entire server and its resources. Based on your website traffic, you can scale your resources which ultimately affect your pricing.
    Dedicated Server, on the other hand, is costlier as the entire physical server is yours. Moreover, with Dedicated Servers, you have to upgrade not only your given server resources but also the additional resources you may have installed, the software licensing fees etc. Overall, this increases the cost of your Dedicated Server.
    Deciding Factors : Here are the few deciding factors that might help.
    Cloud Hosting is the best choice for you if:
    a) You are a small to midsize growing business
    b) Your website has dynamic content
    Dedicated Hosting is the best choice for you if:
    a)You are an established or large business
    b) Your website deals with sensitive and huge amount of data.

All about Dedicated Hosting.

    When you’re getting started and setting up a new website, finding the right web hosting plan is one of the crucial decisions you’ll have to make, but that can be alot challenging if you don’t know what you got yourself into. You may be beating around the bush and create an improper impact in your business being unaware about the jargon’s and the technical terms which will confuse you for sure. So here we are to help you with those. Depending on how web hosting is defined, there are between three and ten different kinds of hosting services to choose from-each with its own benefits and drawbacks. There’s a hosting option for every site, but the best web hosting services for your website depends on a multitude of factors including your budget, technical expertise, and plans for the future.
    Here we are going to give you more insights on Dedicated Hosting. Is this the one you looking for? Explore more to find the suitability of yours.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

    Dedicated hosting is the next—and ultimate—step in privacy and autonomy with a top tier hosting option that is the complete opposite of standard shared hosting. Dedicated hosting packages reserve an entire server for a single client’s exclusive use. The web host is responsible for maintaining the server itself, but the client has control over all aspects of setting up and managing sites that are parked on that server. Dedicated hosting packages come in a variety of forms, including some with aspects of managed hosting, and hosting providers typically include robust technical support services and other resources.

What is a Dedicated Server?

    A dedicated server is a remote server used by only one individual, organization, or application. In other words, you will not be sharing it with another organization or application as you would with a shared hosting service. While the resources provided to you with a shared server re-consistently assigned to you, you may experience a slightly lower performance or level of security than that of a dedicated server. Conversely, if you or your staff are equipped to customize and manage the dedicated server, you can have full control over the resource without having to go through a web hosting service. However, due to its shared nature, you will not have this option if you choose a virtual private server. Additionally, if your company is distributed across the globe, then dedicated servers will allow for remote access; teams of developers can access the server from wherever they wish to work.

When Should I Invest in a Dedicated Server?

    Whether you are just starting your business and building a website or you are looking to increase business and scale the number of site visitors, you might be wondering when to choose a dedicated server with your web host. There are many hosting plans and options for your website or application, among which the most touched or prioritized are shared server and a dedicated server.
    The best option for you requires looking into whether a dedicated server makes sense for your business and budget. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for web hosting plans. Instead, carefully consider your website’s needs against what a dedicated server can offer. You can then determine if a dedicated server is unnecessary for you at this stage or whether it will provide the best starting point for your business’ planned growth.

Should I Buy a Dedicated Server Hosting Solution? What are it’s Benefits?


    1. These are the few reasons you might you look for before willing to invest in a dedicated server:
    1. 1. Highest Level of Privacy
    1. By physically separating your server from any others at the MSP you choose, you have automatically achieved a higher level of privacy. If you were to use the server for confidential data backup or to run an application that contained end users’ billing and personal information, privacy would be a key requirement.With a dedicated server, you are not at the mercy of others; you are instead in full control of any potential security breaches.
    1. 2. Ability to Configure the Server Any Way You Choose
    1. No compromises are necessary when you choose the configuration for a dedicated server. Without other users sharing the same server, you have full control over how you want it set up, what operating system you want to use, and what you will use the server for, be it web hosting plans, applications, or data storage.
    1. 3. Stable and Predictable High Performance
    1. If your website sees high levels of traffic, you will want to use a dedicated server to ensure high performance. In addition to isolating your services onto one server, a dedicated server has a higher performance level than a Shared hosting service.